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The Perma-Post™ product line was inspired by observing how many European countries have figured out how to use large amounts of waste plastic in everyday products that make sense from an environmental as well as sustainable perspective. One of those areas that really stood out was using the recycled plastic in posts and bollards for bike pathways, pedestrian walkways and roadsides. That made complete sense! There are many thousands of these scattered across North America, all made from wood that need constant maintenance, staining and/or painting, and eventually they all need to be replaced due to decay when in contact with moisture within the ground.

Increasingly, there are many great applications for our Perma-Post™ products including way-finder signage, displaying kilometer and directional markers, for hiking and biking trails, campsite number posts, roadside bollards and even park water stands. Perma-Posts are easy to install on a concrete footing or directly in the ground, and where extra levelling and stabilizing is required, with rebar through the base. Over their lifetime they will save hundreds of dollars because they require little to no maintenance and are resistant to all weather conditions. Also, they are environmentally friendly, in fact, one of our standard 6”x 6”x 60” posts will divert 54 lbs of plastic from our local landfills and oceans, making this one of the most effective ways to repurpose Canadian waste plastic.

Sign Examples

Easy Installation Option FAST 2K

FAST 2K is much faster and more convenient than concrete for setting bollards, posts, signs and much more!
Mixes in just 30 seconds · Sets posts in as little as 5 minutes · No more handling heavy bags of concrete: one 2 lb (1kg) bag replaces 2 x 50lb (23kg) bags of concrete · No water required · No messy concrete mixing · Adheres to wood, vinyl and metals posts, as well as to the ground better than concrete Can be used during winter