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Revolutionary Maintenance in Minutes


Wishbone introduces a simple maintenance process that almost instantly renews the look of the recycled plastic boards in Wishbone products. It can be carried out in the field on fully assembled site furnishings with the Wishbone UVD Renewal Tool.
Wishbone benches are designed and built to last in all environments, and now the effects of weathering can be reversed with the quick and easy Renew maintenance procedure. Just imagine the reduction in maintenance costs with these benefits:
  • It’s fast: less than a minute is needed to renew a clean bench or table
  • It’s simple: no special training is required and it can be done in place
  • It’s inexpensive: our renewal tool cost is negligible relative to normal maintenance
  • It’s effective: renewed boards look like new boards, even after years in the field
  • It’s satisfying: renewing a durable Wishbone bench is actually fun to experience.
Wishbone recycled plastic boards show amazing durability in outdoor environments. The material is robust, long-lasting, and stands up to heavy use and abuse by both users and the environment. Unlike most alternatives, it does not rot, warp, split, absorb moisture or promote surface mildew.
Perhaps the main negative effect on our recycled plastic boards, is that after years being outside, it might be referred to as ‘weathering’. More technically, ultraviolet degradation (UVD) is the result of extended exposure to sunlight. Ultraviolet sunlight damages a thin surface layer of the material and results in an overall greying or fading of the material. Due to being a surface phenomenon, UVD affects the appearance, but not the structure.
Our normal preventative maintenance of seasonal cleaning and annual power washing cannot remove UVD, which is where the Wishbone UVD Renewal Tool comes in. Connected to a portable propane source, it allows the operator to apply flash heat to the recycled plastic boards in a manner that removes any fading and restores the original look of the material. The flash heat is applied so briefly that it does not affect the rest of the furniture, including powder coating, fasteners or plaques. In an instant, weathering is reversed and Wishbone recycled plastic looks like new.
Wishbone UVD renewal can be done every few years or as required to restore or renew the plastic’s surface to its as-new appearance and colour.
Any Wishbone outdoor furniture with recycled plastic can be renewed on-site without removing the boards or planks. There is no risk of damaging the durable powder coated frame.
The equipment required is light and portable, making it the perfect preventative maintenance tool to bring into the field to keep your site furniture looking great and performing at its best.